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    Bronze Casting Bronze Metal Casting
Bronze Casting
Bronze CastingBronze CastingBronze CastingBronze Casting
Bronze Castings
Bronze CastingBronze CastingBronze CastingBronze Casting
Bronze Casting Bronze casting Gunmetal Casting Gunmetal  Casting
Bronze Casting Bronze casting Gunmetal Casting Gunmetal  Casting


We offer Bronze Casting Bronze castings Gunmetal Castings Gunmetal  Casting casting facility up to 40 kg's in weight and Brass castings up to 1meter in length. Our sand casting facility is well equipped to tackle any challenging Brass Casting job or Brass  Bronze Casting Gun Metal Casting Bronze casting enquiry.

Materials : Brass  Bronze Gunmetal or Copper Alloy Non ferrous alloys Bronze Copper Casting Casting
Material : Brass or Copper Alloy Bronzes  Non ferrous alloys Bronze Copper Castings Casting
  •  Brass is 319 type or BS 249 type
  • Any special Brass Material Composition as per customers requirement

Copper  Casting Weights : from 10 Grams to 40 kg's

  • We can offer Copper machined castings casting cast parts

Size :

  • Specification or as per custom design or requirement.

We shall be pleased to develop Non-Standard castings Copper Brass casting Copper Bronze  Castings  as per specific requirements.

  Materials : Brass / Copper Bronze Gunmetal  to BS 2874 / 2872

  Finish : Copper natural, Electro-Tinned, Nickel etc.


We can cast following Copper alloys -
Aluminum Bronze C613, 614, C623, C624, C625, C954, C955, C959
Nickel Aluminum Bronze C630, C63020, C632
Copper Nickel C706, C715 to 15-1/4" diameter
Nickel Copper N04400, Monel 400 Equiv.
Beryllium Copper C172, C173, C175, C17510
RWMA Class II, III, IV  
Bronze C903, C922, C932, C934
Manganese Bronze C670, C675, C861, C863
Phosphor Bronze C510, C544
Silicon Bronze C642, C651, C655
Brass C260, C360 with MTR's, C464, C482
Copper C101, C102, C110, C145, C180, C182
Powdered Metal Oil Impregnated Bronze, SAE841, SAE863
Circles and Rings from Bar or Plate (up to 48" O.D.)
Machined Bushings Made to your Custom Specifications
Wrought Alloys
Oxygen Free, High Conductivity Copper C11000, C10200
Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper C11000
Tellurium Copper C14500
Beryllium Copper C17200, C17300, C17500, C17510
CL 3 Copper C18000
Chromium Copper C18200
Red Brass C23000
Cartridge Brass C26000
Commerical Bronze C31400
High Leaded Brass C35300
Free Machining Brass C36000
Architectural Bronze C38500
Naval Brass C46400, C48200, C48500
Phosphor Bronze C51000, C54400
Aluminum Bronze C61300, C61400, C62300, C62400, C62500
Nickel Aluminum Bronze C63000, C63020, C63200
Aluminum Silicon Bronze C64200
Silicon Bronze C65100, C65500
Manganese Bronze C67000, C67300, C67500
Copper Nickel (90/10) C70600
Copper Nickel (70/30) C71500
Cast Alloys
Manganese Bronze C86300
Navy G Bronze C90300
Gun Metal C90500
Tin Bronze C90700
Navy M Bronze C92200
High Leaded Tin Bronze C93200, C93400, C93600, C93700, C94100, C94300
Medium Leaded Bronze C94500
Aluminum Bronze C95400, C95500, C95900
Nickel Aluminum Bronze C95800
Original Mill Test Reports Available on Request
AMS     Aerospace Material Specifications
SAE      Society for Automotive Engineers
ASTM   American Society for Testing and Material
MIL    Military Specifications
QQ     Federal Specifications
AMS Alloys
4500 C11000
4533 C17200
4590 C63020
4610 C36000
4611 C46400
4615 C65500
4625 C51000
4631 C64200
4634 C64200
4635 C62300
4640 C63000
4805 Oil Impregnated Bronze
SAE Alloys
64 C93700
MOD 64 C93600
620 C90300
660 C93200
701 C62300,C62400,C63000
841 Oil Impregnated Bronze
863 Oil Impregnated Bronze
QQ Alloys
B-626 C36000
B-637 C46400,C48200
B-679 C62300,C63000
B-728 C67000,C67500
B-750 C51000,C54400
C-390 C863,865,903,905,910,
C-450 C61300,C61400
C-465 C61400,C63000,C63200,C64200
C-576 C10100,C10200,C11000
C-591 C65100,C65500
B-671 C95500,C05400,C95200,C95300
ASTM Alloys
B-16 C36000
B-21 C46400,48200,48500
B-36 C26000
B-61 C92200
B-98 C51000,C54400
B-138 C67000,C67500
B-139 C51000,C54400
B-150 C61300,61400,62300,62400,
B-151 C70600,C71500
B-152 C10100,C11000
B-169 C61300,C61400
B-171 C46400,C61300,C61400
B-187 C10100,C10200,C11000
B-271 C86300,C90300,C93200,
B-438 Oil Impregnated Bronze
B-439 Oil Impregnated Bronze
B-505 C86300,86500,90300,90500,
MIL Alloys
B-5687 Oil Impregnated Bronze
B-11553 C90300,C92200
B-16166 C62300,C63000
B-16541 C92200
B-16576 C90300
B-24059 C63200
B-24480 C95800
B-21230 C95800
C-15726 C70600,C71500
C-24679 C70600,C71500

casting products: Brass Copper Bronze Stainless Steel Bushes  Bushings Impellers pipe couplings nuts phosphorous Bronze Aluminum Bronze valves fittings Aluminium couplings couplers pipe connectors Ab1 Ab2 LG1 LG2 Gunmetal casting Volute Pump Parts:
Bronze Cast double suction Impellers upto 300 pounds and various other type of impellers
Submersible Pump Parts:  Impellers, Bushes, Neck rings, Thrust Bearings   Machine Tool Parts:  Bronze Cast Bushes, Liners, Rings from small size upto maximum size of 600 mm
Centrifugally Cast Bronze Gear Blanks and Bushes   Pipe Fittings:
Adaptors, Nipples, Bends, Unions in Bronze upto 200 mm size copper alloy castings, machined components, gears, valves, bushes, pump parts, casings, submersible parts, impellers, fittings, propellers, bearings, rods, flanges, rings, tubes, tees, soap dies, hinges, heat exchanger covers, liners, machine tool parts, etc. are manufactured by us 

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