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How to Reduce Costs & Purchase More Economically
What How Why
Check annual requirements and advise supplier.
With an annual contact the supplier can minimize: tooling, setup costs and material costs. Greater flexible for the most economical method of manufacturing is allowed.
Ordering exact qualities increases costs.

Allowance must be made for overage in production which must be prorated in the quoted price.

Allow sufficient lead time for normal Planning. Provide your supplier with the best forecast .
Quick deliveries involve premium material and labor costs. A longer / better forecast permits more economical manufacturing runs.
If special packaging, labeling or bar coding is required, advise the supplier of this when the request for pricing is made.
Unusual packaging requirements are expensive due to special material and labor. if advised in advance , a supplier may be able to provide alternative, less expansive packaging.
Design and application permitting , Specify standard sizes of Free machining grades.
Standard sizes cost less and are more readily available. free machining material (Brass) yields greater production, improved finish and closer tolerance.
Specify mo closer tolerance then absolutely functionally necessary.
If required, suppliers of precision machined products can and will make the parts with close tolerance. However, higher costs can be excepted the closer the tolerance requirements.
Hole diameters should be specified to the maximum allowable limits.
Suppliers of precision machined products stock standard drills and reamers. special internal diameters can be produced but with expansive special tooling.
Specify standard threads as far as possible like UNC , UNF, OSO Metric, BSP (G) NPT, NPTF, BSW, BA etc. Also for internal threads keep short lengths if possible.
Special Threads require special tools and gauges. Closer fits may require additional operations.

Full threads are harder to tap.
Wherever possible part design should avoid the need for special gauges.
Special gauges. and gauging equipment add to part cost. Customers may supply special gauges to eliminate additional Costs.
Clearly specify surface finish no closer then necessary to meet function requirements
Finer surface finish may require special tooling, slower cycle time or additional second operations and special handling and packaging methods.
Be as detailed as possible with the quality requirements. Specify which characteristics are of greatest importance to products performance.
This will allow the supplier to focus on what is important and to follow parallel or compatible quality procedures.
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