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Brass Fastener India
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    Brass Conduit Fittings
Brass Conduit Fittings
Brass Conduit FittingsBrass Conduit FittingsBrass Conduit FittingsBrass Conduit Fittings
Brass Conduit Fitting
Brass Conduit FittingBrass Conduit FittingBrass Conduit FittingBrass Conduit Fitting
Brass Conduit Fittings Electrical Conduits Conduit fittings  and Conduit  Accessories for Flexible Conduits

Conduit fittings electrical Conduit fittings Brass Flexible Conduit Connectors & Adaptors

(Male & Female)

conduit fittings brass fittings brass connectors brass adaptors
Material Brass to BS 2874.
Finish Nickel plated.
Threads Metric / PG / Imperial.

Brass Flexible Conduit Connectors (Male & Female)
2 piece Nickel plated connectors suitable for PVC / Steel conduits.
Brass Connectors available in fixed as well as swivel form.

Fixed Type
Code No.
Swivel Type
Code No.
12 mm x 16 mm CF 12 CS 12
16mm x 20mm CF 13 CS 13
20mm x 20mm CF 14 CS 14
25mm x 25mm CF 15 CS 15
32mm x 32mm CF 16 CS 16
40mm x 40mm CF 17 CS 17
50mm x 50mm CF 18 CS 18

Brass Flexible Conduit Adaptors (Male and Female)
One piece  Brass adaptors suitable for Steel / PVC flexible steel Conduits.
5/8" (16mm) 3/4" (20mm) CA 12
3/4" (20mm) 3/4" (20mm) CA 13
3/4" (20mm) 1" (25mm) CA 14
1" (25mm) 1" (25mm) CA 15
1 1/4" (232mm) 1 1/4" (32mm) CA 16
1 1/2" (40mm) 1 1/2" (40mm) CA 17
2" (50mm) 2" (50mm) CA 18
 Brass adaptors are as per BS standards

Brass Male and Female Bushes / Slotted Plugs

brass bushes male bushes

Material Brass to BS 2874.
Finish Brass as natural.
Sizes Metric 20mm to 50mm (short and long pattern)
Imperial 3 / 4 to 2" (short and long pattern)
Threads Metric / PG / Imperial.

45 & 90 Fittings for Liquid Tight, Spiral & Pliable Conduits
One piece die cast and machined with or without plastic seal to
ensure higher IP rating. The sizes vary and we can manufacture
specifically to customer requirement available with lock nuts.
Finish Nickel or Chrome Plated.
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