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    Cable Cutters

Cable Cutters
Cable CuttersCable CuttersCable CuttersCable Cutters
Cable Cutter
Cable CuttersCable CuttersCable CuttersCable Cutters
Cable Cutters

Cable Cutters Detailed Product Description

Cable Cutters Specifications:

Cable Cutters Duck wire & cable cutters adopt the design of speed / force converting mechanism for cut-off of various types of wires and cables as Al or Cu conductors, cables, Al cables with steel core etc. with round cut-off ends. This is a daily-use tools for all electricians and engineers.

Cable Cutters Compared with similar products this cutter features in design, light in weight, compact in volume, easy in use, sound quality in cutting and durable for long working life. The cutter is structured with double-edge design. The wire cutter model XLJ-G is mode of new types of alloy materials hardness less than HRC 32.

Cable Cutters Specifications

  • XLJ-S-1

  • Weight: 2.5kg

  • Length with handle reduced / stretched: 400/500 mm

  • Application: Applied to cut Ca or Al conductors under 240 square millimeter and low carbon steel bars under ?, voltage resistance of handle cover: 5000V

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