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Hose Barb Union
Hose Barb UnionHose Barb UnionHose Barb UnionHose Barb Union
Hose Barb Union
Hose Barb UnionHose Barb UnionHose Barb UnionHose Barb Union
Hose Barb Hose Union Brass Hose Barbs Brass Unions Brass Pipe Unions Stainless Steel Hose Barbs Stainless Steel unions

Stainless Steel Hose Barbs


  Stainless Steel hose BARB UNION  Fittings Hose Stem Hose Connector BARB UNION  Nipple SS hose BARB UNION  Hose Nipple and Hose BARB UNION  for Rubber, PVC, Reinforced and Synthetic Hose. Machined to perfection and available in different form with or without thread as per requirement. BRASS Hose BARB UNION  Stainless Steel hose BARB UNION  fitting hose fitting BARB UNION ed hose fitting Hose nipple SS hose BARB UNION  NPTF NPT BSPT HOSE ADAPTER FITTING HOSE STEM All our Brass Hose BARB UNION  and BARB UNION ed fittings are high quality and pressure tested!
Stainless Steel SS Hose BARB UNION  BARB UNION ed Fitting BARB UNION  fittings Fitting Hose Connectors Hose Stems BARB UNION   Thread BSP (Gas), BSPT, NPT and Metric.
Stainless Steel Hose BARB UNION  Finish Natural Brass, Chrome or Nickel.
Also available Brass Nut for Hose / Line Connector.

We offer Stainless Steel Part Stainless Steel machined part turned Part Cast Part Stainless Steel Forged Part Stainless Steel  Hose BARB UNION  facility up to 40 kg in weight and Stainless Steel SS  casting up to 1meter in length. Our sand casting facility is well equipped to tackle any challenging SS Casting job or Stainless Steel  Part casting enquiry.

Material : Stainless Steel Parts in SS 304 316 316L 202  Alloy
  • Any special Stainless steel  Parts Casting  Material Composition as per customer requirement

Stainless Steel Part   Weight : from 10 Gram to 40 kg

  • We can offer Stainless Steel SS machined Parts  casting casting cast part

Size :

  • Specification or as per custom design or requirement.

We shall be pleased to develop Non-Standard Stainless Steel Hose Fitting Stainless Steel Hose BARB UNION  BARB UNION ed Fitting Stainless Steel hose Connector Stainless Steel hose Stems SS Hose Fitting SS Hose Connector SS Hose BARB UNION  SS hose BARB UNION ed Fitting

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